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Making the trendy Dalgona Coffee

Ingredients for 1 serving:

- 2 tbsp of Instance black coffee (you can also use 3 tbsp of Vietnamese drip coffee, the requirement is that the black coffee has to be thick)

- 2 tbsp of sugar

- 2 tbsp of hot water (if you use instance coffee)

- Hand whisk or Electric mixer

- Fresh milk (unsweetened) or Half-a-half (in my case, for the creaminess)


Let's get stated!

Step 1: Combine all dry ingredients into a glass bowl. I find using glass bowl is easier and faster to whisk anything

Step 2: Mix the dry ingredients thoroughly with hot water until we get rid of all big clumps.

Step 3: Set up your electrical mixer and whisk the mixture from low to high until it is thicken and change to glossy light brown colour.

Step 4: Pour your fresh milk (or H'n'H) to a glass of ice (not to much ice or you will have a hard time mixing the coffee cream with the milk). Scope a desirable amount of whipped coffee cream on top and enjoy (preferably with a "environmental-friendly" straw)!

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